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Ultra-resistant and opaque ink

Ultra-resistant and opaque ink

Water-based pigment ink in Pintor ink provides perfect coverage on all surfaces makes it perfect for drawing, decorating, marking, writing and calligraphy – Unleash your imagination.

Get tips & tricks for a creative use of Pintor



Works on any material

Paper, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, fabric, chalk boards… Pilot Pintor fixes to all materials, even porous and dark surfaces. Want to customise clothing, personalise an object, decorate your furniture or dishes? Pilot Pintor can bring all your ideas to all materials. The ink is opaque so it is possible to create some truly stunning and intricate designs by overlaying different ink colours over each other once dry.

Get tips & tricks for a creative use of Pintor

24 colours

A selection of 24 bright colours

Available in 24 pigment ink colours (classic, pastel and metallic), the ink can also be mixed or blended to create exciting or subtle new shades – Pilot Pintor puts colour anywhere you want it!

Get tips & tricks for a creative use of Pintor

Pintor metal
Metallic Violet Metallic Green Metallic Pink Gold Silver Metallic Blue
Pintor Fun
Violet Pink Orange Pastel Orange Yellow Light Blue
Pintor classic
Brown Lime Green Black Green Red Blue
Pintor pastel
Pastel Violet Pastel Green Pastel Yellow White Pastel Pink Pastel Blue

Extra fine tip


Fine tip


Medium tip


Broad tip

Collaborations & Creations

Inspired artists customise objects to make them unique: a guitar, longboard, table top, leather purse, rain boots and umbrella, helmet, denim vest, chair …
There is no limit to express your creative talent!

Discover our videos full of ideas to inspire you to make your own creations:

DIY Christmas set videos & DIY Deco set videos

Global Street Art Collaboration

We are ecstatic to team up with the talent at Global Street Art to show what our new PINTOR water based paint marker pen can do!

Follow the sketchbook series journey to see some beyond awesome art, supported by Pilot PINTOR and brought to canvas by Global Street Art.

Get ready, and get creative!

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How to use?

You wonder how to use the Pilot Pintor for your creations?

1. Watch the Pilot Pintor “how to use” video to get a general overview.


2. Get tips & tricks for a creative use of Pintor by downloading the instructions leaflet.


3. Discover the frequently asked questions below.

Before use, shake your Pintor marker about 20 times, hearing the ball move in the barrel. Prime the tip by pressing 3-4 times on a piece of scrap paper, until the ink starts to flow.

Store horizontally or with the tip pointing up.

Pilot Pintor Marker can be used on:

  • Wood, Melanine wood
  • Glass and frosted glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal-Steel, Aluminum and epoxy coated
  • Paper
  • Carton
  • Polystyrene
  • Porcelain
  • Fabric : 100% cotton/linen; polyster/satin; popeline
  • Leather
  • Mineral (like stones)
  • Blackboard

For more details about material compatibility download the Pintor leaflet. Note that the compatibility, line precision and covering power is different according to the material. The tips to fix paint for best results & water resistance can be also specific according to the material. In order to get more information, please refer to the instructions leaflet to download.

Pilot Pintor markers are not refillable.

If you still have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our Pilot pen website.