Material compatibility
Line precision
Covering power



Nice to know

Crepe paper absorbs the ink quickly and is very fragile, so be sure apply Pintor gently.
For vivid pastel tints, apply 2 coats and get even more vibrant colours.


Fine and extra fine tips may work best for your creations.

Pintor DIY Sets & Wallets

Ready to start customising different surfaces and objects in an easy way?

Bring colours to your decoration at home or at work thanks to the Pintor’s wallets!

Wallet of 3
Celebrations – White, Gold, Silver – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6
Classic colours – Medium Tip

Wallet of 6 – Creative colours – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6 – Metallic colours – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6 – Pastel colours – Extra Fine Tip