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Nice to know

Apply 1 coat smoothly, as the ink will sink in easily and spread because of the fabric’s fibres.


Before customising, wash the fabric to optimise colour adhesion.
To set your creation, iron the fabric without steam at low temperature.
Use a cloth between your creation and the iron to avoid getting ink on the iron.

Pintor DIY Sets & Wallets

Ready to start customising different surfaces and objects in an easy way?

Bring colours to your decoration at home or at work thanks to the Pintor’s wallets!

Wallet of 3
Celebrations – White, Gold, Silver – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6
Classic colours – Medium Tip

Wallet of 6 – Creative colours – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6 – Metallic colours – Extra Fine Tip

Wallet of 6 – Pastel colours – Extra Fine Tip